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Angel Cards Read by a Practiced Spiritual Reader

Heavens Divine Messages, is your source for heavenly guidance. Let our experienced spiritual readers read for you and discover what your angels and loved one's want you to know. During the reading, an Angel messenger uses Angel cards to receive messages for you, the sitter. The messages delivered are for the your "highest and best"

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  • Angel Party Group Readings
  • Angel Party Private Readings
  • Email Readings
  • Personal Readings Berlin & Waterbury Locations
  • Personal Readings in Your Home
  • Phone Readings

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Sal's Story

Sal has not always been open to receiving messages. As a child and young adult, he experienced what he described as ghosts visiting him. Sal would close his eyes and pray for them to go away. Being Catholic, then converting to a Born Again Christian, Sal didn’t believe that anything good could come out of speaking to ghosts.  He now realizes what he called “ghost”, was actually Spirit reaching out to him. More..


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